How to prepare 0.025N Silver Nitrate in pharma?

How to prepare 0.025N Silver Nitrate?

To prepare 0.025N Silver Nitrate, need to know molecular mass of Silver Nitrate.

The molecular mass of Silver Nitrate is 169.87 gm/mol.

Calculation Formula for 0.025N Silver Nitrate:

Calculate the amount of Silver Nitrate required for 1L of solution by formula mentioned below;

Required Amount of Silver Nitrate = 0.025N x 1 L x 169.87 = 4.2468 g

Preparation of 0.025N Silver Nitrate:

  1. Weigh 4.2468 g of Silver Nitrate.
  2. Transfer the weighed amount into 1000ml of volumetric flask.
  3. Add about 500ml of distilled water into the volumetric flask.
  4. Dissolve the weighed amount of silver nitrate.
  5. Dilute up to the mark to 1000ml with distilled water.
How to prepare 0.025N Silver Nitrate?
How to prepare 0.025N Silver Nitrate?

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