70 Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Companies List (CDMO)

pharmaceutical contract manufacturing companies list

These companies are well known as Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO). In India, there are numerous companies that manufacture pharmaceuticals products under contract. They are crucial because they offer several benefits to customers and business owners alike. If you want to purchase high-quality products that clients can trust, you must invest in a trustworthy organization.

The need for pharmaceutical contract manufacturing services is rising. Opportunities for contract manufacturing in India might be quite lucrative.

There are many companies that are work on contract for manufacturing of pharmaceutical products.

Here is a pharmaceutical contract manufacturing companies list,

  1. Akums drug and pharmaceuticals Ltd
  2. Angiolife Healthcare Private Limited
  3. Ankur Drugs and Pharma Ltd
  4. Arlak Biotech
  5. Akshar Molecules
  6. Biophar Lifesciences Pvt Ltd
  7. Biovencer Healthcare Private Limited
  8. BDR Pharma
  9. Bidu Biotech
  10. Cipla
  11. Ciron Pharma
  12. Citric Labs
  13. Cynak Lifesciences
  14. Candela Healthcare Private Limited
  15. Dwarkesh Pharmaceuticals Private Limited
  16. Daffohils Laboratories
  17. Evoxcare Pharmaceuticals Private Limited
  18. Estrellas Life Sciences Private Limited
  19. Fitwel Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
  20. Gracure pharmaceuticals
  21. Grizz Pharmaceutical
  22. Health Search Pharma
  23. Healthkind Labs Pvt Ltd
  24. Immacule lifesciences Pvt Ltd
  25. Innovaxia Lifesciences
  26. Kianext Healthcare
  27. Kremoint Pharma Pvt Ltd
  28. Koscher Pharmaceuticals
  29. Kashmik Formulation
  30. Pharmacure Laboratories
  31. Lifevision India
  32. Logos Pharma
  33. Loripta Life Sciences
  34. MSN Laboratories
  35. Medlab Pharmaceuticals Private Limited
  36. Medlock Healthcare
  37. Makcur Laboratories
  38. Medopharm
  39. Maya Biotech Private Limited
  40. Mediclove Biotech Private Limited
  41. Natco Pharma
  42. Nvron Lifesciences Ltd
  43. Nexgen Bio Sciences Private Limited
  44. Pharma Synth
  45. Protech Telelinks
  46. Park Pharmaceuticals
  47. Rezicure Pharmaceuticals
  48. Ritelife Healthcare
  49. Schwitz Biotech
  50. Stivaph Healthcare Private Limited
  51. Swisschem Healthcare
  52. S.P Pharmaceuticals
  53. Sain Medicaments Pvt Ltd
  54. Synokem Pharmaceuticals
  55. Sunwin Healthcare
  56. Saphnix Lifesciences
  57. Sai life sciences
  58. Saffron Medicare Pvt Ltd
  59. Suncruz Pharmaceuticals
  60. Talent Health Care
  61. Trubeca Lifesciences Private Limited
  62. Unipure Biotech
  63. Unimarckpharma
  64. Viribus Healthcare
  65. Weefsel pharma
  66. Wellmed Pharma
  67. Welnex Bio Private Limited
  68. Zestica Pharma
  69. Zydus Lifesciences
  70. Zencus Pharma

These are the companies that are produces a drug on contract basis.

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