What are the Types of pH meter in pharma

Types of pH meter in pharma:

Ph meter is one of the instrument used in the pharmaceutical industry to measure the pH of the water or sample solutions.

There are different types of pH meter. According to the types of requirements, pH meters are categorized into several classes, including;

  1. Desktop pH meter
  2. Portable pH meter
  3. Pen pH meter
  4. Laboratory pH meter
  5. Industrial pH meter (Online)

1. A pH meter subclassified on the basis of portability are:

Desktop pH meter: The scope of the portable pH meter is wide, covering a variety of commonly used instruments, with the exception of using compact DC power equipment on the field.

Desktop pH meter
Desktop pH meter

Portable pH meter: Same as Desktop pH meter.

Portable pH mter
Portable pH meter

Pen pH meter: Usually consists of a single scale and conventional measurement range, making it a convenient and handy device.

Types of pH meter
Pen pH meter

2. A pH meter subclassified on the basis of purpose:

Laboratory pH meter: This pH meter is multifunctional, high accuracy, wide range of measurement.

Types of pH meter
Lab pH meter

Industrial pH meter (Online): The features of the pH meter such as excellent stability, steady work, a high level of measurement efficiency, environmental flexibility, and anti-interference capabilities are distinguishing characteristics, which have been combined with analog output, digital intelligence, and upper and lower boundary alarm and control functions.

Industrial online pH meter
Industrial online pH meter

3. A pH meter subclassified on the basis of advanced level:

  1. The economic pH meter
  2. An intelligent pH meter
  3. A precision pH meter can be divided into pointer pH meters and digital pH meters.

These are the types of pH meter used for different industries for different purposes.

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Types of pH meter in pharmaceuticals