Why is data integrity important in pharma?

Pharmaceutical companies tout the safety of their new drugs. However, when FDA inspectors visit the production facility, the work is immediately halted; vital quality control data has been lost.

Data integrity is compromised in a real-life scenario every day. Across all industries, problems with data accuracy and consistency cause inconveniences and serious problems.

Here’s what data integrity is, why is data integrity important, and how you can ensure your data is safe.

What is Data Integrity?

A data integrity evaluation determines how accurate, complete, and consistent a set of data is. Also, the integrity of data refers to its safety when it comes to compliance with regulations such as GDPR compliance.

Why Is Data Integrity Important?

In the pharmaceutical industry, data integrity has become a hot topic during audits and inspections.

The certain reasons why is data integrity is important in pharmaceuticals.

  • For pharmaceutical companies and regulatory agencies to ensure product safety, efficacy, and quality, accurate and reliable data are needed.
  • The integrity of data helps build trust between regulatory agencies and the industry at large.
  • It eliminates the need to inspect each and every step of the production and supply of a drug or pharmaceutical product.
  • Making business continuity decisions is facilitated by it.

Here we understand what is data integrity, why is data integrity important?

why is data integrity important?

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