What is Phase 2 Clinical Trial In Pharma?

Phase 2 Clinical Trial:

In phase 2 clinical trials evaluate the safety and effectiveness of new drugs or combination therapies.

As part of a phase 1 trial, healthy volunteers are recruited to determine the maximum and appropriate dose ranges, but a phase 2 trial evaluates whether or not a drug will eventually benefit patients and should be studied in a phase 3 trial to determine whether or not it will be effective in a specific population.

In phase 2 clinical trials, subjects are selected based on narrow criteria in order to allow close monitoring of a relatively homogeneous population of patients to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the drug.

In phase 2 clinical trials, safety parameters are also assessed to identify any adverse effects that may have been overlooked earlier or that are specific to a certain patient population, although information about safe and well tolerated doses is obtained during earlier phases of drug development.

An important goal of phase 2 trials is to determine the appropriate dose and treatment regimen for phase 3 trials.

The phase 2 trial will therefore enable dose response studies to be performed and confirmed.

Treatment in phase 2 is usually given to a larger number of patients than in phase 1, and doses are generally lower in phase 2 than in phase 1.

clinical trial phase 2 is further divided into 2 phases:

  1. Phase 2a
  2. Phase 2b

Phase 2a clinical trial:

The purpose of Phase 2a is to determine the dosing requirements. To determine whether there is a dose-response relationship, i.e., an increase in response with an increase in dose, a small number of patients are administered the drug with varying quantities.

It is also examined what is the optimal frequency of doses.

Phase 2b clinical trial:

Phase 2b trials aim to identify whether a drug is effective in treating, preventing, or diagnosing a specific disease based on how effective it is at treating, preventing, or diagnosing that disease.

Phase 2 Clinical Trial
Clinical Trial

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