What is Normal Phase Chromatography in pharma?

Normal Phase Chromatography what is it?

Generally multiple times we heard about normal phase chromatography and reverse phase chromatography, but what is actually meaning of this we will understand here.

Normal phase chromatography is one of the most popular used phase in the pharmaceutical industry.

Normal Phase: During normal-phase chromatography, the mobile phase is 100% organic. Only trace amounts of water and polar packing particles exist in the mobile phase. Polar analytes bind strongly to the polar stationary phase and may be rendered non-elutable.

The stationary phase is more polar than the mobile phase is called a normal phase.

Reverse Phase: The term reversed-phase describes this chromatography mode, which is the opposite of the normal phase, where a polar mobile phase is used with a non-polar [hydrophobic] stationary phase.

The mobile phase is more polar than the stationary phase is called a Reverse Phase.

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Normal Phase Chromatography
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