Difference Between C8 and C18 column in pharma

Difference Between C8 And C18 Column

There are several types of reverse phases columns available in the market such as C8, C18, C4, C1, C-phenyl, C-Cyclohexyl, Cyano, and C-adamanthyl (C-12).

C-18 is also called a traditional reverse phase matrix because it has the highest degree of hydrophobicity. C18 is more hydrophobic than C-8 because the length of carbon is longer.

The reason to choose C8 instead of C18 is because they are looking for a reverse-phase matrix. that has a lower degree of hydrophobicity. Lower hydrophobicity means faster retention for non-polar compounds, therefore non-polar compounds would move down the column more rapidly with C8 than with C18.

Hope the difference between C8 and C18 columns is clear.

Difference Between C8 And C18 Column
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