IR Do’s And Don’ts In Pharmaceuticals

IR Do’s And Don’ts In Pharmaceuticals:

Do’s of IR:

  1. Whenever any error massage is displayed on the monitors, immediately inform to instrumentation engineer.
  2. Example: error massage displayed as a ” The desiccant is used in your instrument is due for replacement.”

Don’ts of IR:

  1. Do not shift the position of external beam knob located at bottom of instrument to the right corner as it may affect the alignment the laser beam of the instrument.
  2. Do not power off the instrument, allow it to remain power on always.
  3. Do not open the sample cover until otherwise for sampling or fixing of any accessories.
  4. Do not open the rubber knob on the top of instrument used for alignment.

These are IR do’s and don’ts in pharmaceuticals that need to follow to maintain the instrument for longer time.

IR Do's And Don'ts In Pharmaceuticals

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