Dissolution Apparatus Do’s and Don’ts in pharma

Dissolution Apparatus Do’s And Don’ts:

Dissolution apparatus do’s and don’ts will help to improve the performance of the apparatus for a long period of time.

Dissolution Do’s:

  • Before using the equipment; verify that the equipment calibration and performance verification status is within the validity period.
  • Verify the depth of the paddle/Basket by using calibrated Depth Gauge during calibration.
  • The water bath should be filled up to the mark Water level without jar with purified water.
  • External probe should be handled with care.
  • Verify that the tube from the inlet and outlet of temperature controller unit is connected to the inlet and outlet of the bath respectively.
  • Check for the knob of top plate and the jar locking, loose knob or wrongly placed top plate will affect the centering and the paddle to the jar bottom height.
  • When paddles/baskets are used with corrosive materials such as hydrochloric acid or media containing salts; immediately after each use rinse them with purified water.

Dissolution Don’ts:

  • Do not start the heater, if there is no water in the tank upto the mark level.
  • Do not hold the stirrer hood while in operation.
  • Do not force the paddle while inserting. This might increase the wobble in the paddle.
Dissolution apparatus do's and don'ts
Dissolution Apparatus

Dissolution apparatus do’s and don’ts in pharmaceuticals is a precautionary measure for apparatus.

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