Potentiometric Titration Do’s and Don’ts in pharma

Potentiometric Titration Do’s And Don’ts:

Each instrument has its own dos’ and don’ts, today we are going to see potentiometric titration do’s and don’ts.

Potentiometric Titration Do’s:

  • Ensure that the electrodes are filled with reference electrolyte.
  • The electrodes should be stored after use in the storage solution as recommended and not allowed to dry out. Label the storage vessel so there are no mix-ups.
  • While rinsing and cleaning, ensure that anti-diffusion valve is not lost.
  • Clean the electrode with tissue paper smoothly.
  • If leakage of burette observed, exchange both burette cylinder and piston.
  • If the dossing units are not used for a long time, empty it (By carrying out empty command).
  • The electrode should not be located too close to the burette tip.
  • Clean any leakage / Seepage immediately so that no further damage occurs.
  • Always use nose mask while performing analysis.
  • Exchange units must be cleaned from time to time.

Potentiometric Titration Dont’s:

  • Do not dry the electrode.
  • Do not remove the dosing unit from the device unit.
  • Do not perform any analysis without anti-diffusion valve.
  • Ensure that there should not be any air bubbles inside the electrodes.
Potentiometric Titration Do's And Don'ts
Potentiometric Titration

Potentiometric Titration Do’s And Don’ts

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