pH meter do’s and don’ts in pharma

PH Meter Do’s And Don’ts:

pH meter do’s and don’ts are the preventive measure for the instrument to sustain the pH meter in good condition.

pH Meter Do’s:

  • Before measure, the sample checks the instrument is cleaned and calibration status.
  • Before/After measuring pH electrode must be clean immediately with water and soft tissue paper.
  • Store the electrode always in pH buffer 7.0
  • Select the suitable pH range instrument to measure the perticular pH measurement.
  • Maintain the electrolyte solution upto the fill hole.
  • Ensure at the time of sample checking electrolyte solution fill hole should be open, and take care buffer solution do not enter into the electrolyte solution fill hole.

pH Meter Don’ts:

  • Do not use electrodes that have turbidity and cracks.
  • Do not measure the pH in other than the specified range instrument.
  • Do not use the electrode when sufficient electrolyte solution is not there inside of the electrode.
  • Do not touch the electrode bulb.
pH Meter Do's and don'ts
pH Meter

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