Diluent and make-up possible error in pharma

Diluent And Make-Up Possible Errors:

While the addition of diluent and make-up the solution there are chances of errors. Here, what are such diluent and make-up possible errors in pharma? and what is the action plan to avoid them? that we will learn.

Possible errors of diluent and make-up:

  1. Wrong diluent/chemicals used.
  2. Diluent volume not added as per the STP.
  3. Selection of wrong volumetric flask/pipettes (ie., using of 20ml volumetric flask instead of 25 ml)
  4. Dilution done before sample attaining the room temperature.
  5. Impropper of makeup of volume in volumetric flask.

Action plan to avoid diluent and make-up possible error:

  1. Multiple activities to be avoided.
  2. Label the container properly.
  3. Specified chemicals to be used as given in the STP.
  4. Add initial volume of diluent as specified in the STP.
  5. Care to be taken while taking the glassware for the analysis.
  6. Wait atleast 15 minutes till the solution attain the room temperature on bench top.
  7. Final volume mak-up to be done by using the droppers (Paster pipettes).
Diluent and make-up possible error
Diluent and make-up error

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