Top 10 reason for getting Warning letter to employees

Not only in the pharmaceutical industry but all industries having a root of a treat for not following the company rules and policies. There is various type of reasons to issue a warning letter to employees.

Let’s see what are the reason for getting a warning letter to employees. But before starting the reason for a warning letter, we need to know what is a warning letter?

What is a warning letter?

A warning letter is a documented disciplinary action taken by the organization on an employee for not following or misuse of the organization’s rules or policies.

Warning letter is documented action on the employee for his unacceptable conduct, mis behave and poor performance. Warning letter is written notice to employee for continues violation of organisation policy. If the employee is continue to violate the organisation policy even after verbal warning then organisation can take proper action to avoid the future disputes.

In industry warning letter is considered as serious concerns. The company will do employee evaluation who got warning letter and monitor for improvement with respect his violation for some sort of time period as per company rules, if employee is not able to fulfill the organization requirements and fail to improve within that period then employee may loose his job.

What are the reasons for getting warning letter to employee?

There are various reasons for getting warning letter to employee:

1. Violation of organization rules and policy

2. Consistentely inconsistent on duty without prior intimation

3. Frequentely Late entries on duty

4. Poor performance

5. Violation of Sexual harassment policy

6. Violation of safety policy

7. Theft

8. Breach of drug and alcohol policy

9. Misrepresentation of qualification documents

10. Physical harm to co-worker

These are the reason let’s see one by one :

1. Violation of organization rules and policy:

Every organisation having it’s own rules policy, code of business conduct and ethics and all emoyees are bound to follow the policy.

2. Consistently inconsistent in duty:

The organization hire the employee to work in their organization and sine sort of leaves as per rules even after if employee in consistently absent then hi may get warning letter.

3. Frequently late entry:

Every organization having defined work hours but late entries reduces work time and eventually production also. Frequently late entries make impact on employee performance.

4. Poor performance:

Poor performance is one of the common reason for getting warning letter to employee. When employee is not able to meet the expectation of the organisation and when organisation is thinking that the employee is not suitable for completing assign activities , then organisation will issue warning letter to employee on the basis of poor performance.

5. Violation of sexual harassment policy:

In any industry involvement of women employee keep on increasing day by day and at the same time harassment cases also increasing. To show porn pictures, video, use of vulgar language, sensational touch to any body parts, or to demand for relationship for something else. These all are reason to harass the women employee, and same case is applicable for men employee also. Now a days this a big reason to get warning letter to employee as well as management.

6. Violation of safety policy:

All organisations having safety policies in favor of employee safety and employee is bound to follow that policy. If any of the employee not following safety policy is eligible to get warning letter. Any act on workplace that can damage to organisation property or organisation reputation or human life due to violation of safety policy will be a reason for warning letter.

7. Theft:

Theft is an offence in entire world either it may be data, it may be money, or it may be secret of organisation. Theft in industry is not allowed, if any employee caught as theft hi is punishable and hi will warning letter or sometime termination letter also.

8. Breach of drug and alcohol policy:

Pharmaceutical organisation is drug manufacturing industry, that means the drug which are manufacturered should have quality and safety of the patient. The drug manufacturered should not be adulterated with any of the other content or material. If any of the employee found with drug or working by consuming the alcohol then patient safety and product quality is get compromised. In such cases employee will get warning letter .

9. Misinterpretation of Qualification documents:

There is minimum qualification requirements for every job. In pharmaceutical industry also having minimum qualification requirement. If any of the employee providing fake qualification documents or misinterpret then that employee is eligible for warning letter and sometimes for termination also.

10. Physical harm to co-workers:

Physical harm is not allowed in any industry. If any employee found guilty for physical harm to coworker then hi will get warning letter for not following the organisation rules.

Warning letter is also known as,

  1. warning notice
  2. Disciplinary notice
  3. Written warning

Generally Warning notice includes :

Employee name,

Employee ID No.

Employee qualification details

Reason for warning letter

Acceptance of warning letter

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