8 sonicator’s possible errors in pharma?

Sonicator’s Possible Errors and action plans in Pharma:

Sonicator’s Possible errors:

  1. Addition of more diluent may cause for improper mixing of the solution.
  2. Addition of less diluent may cause for improper extration of drug.
  3. High frequent shaking during sonication may lead to low exrtraction of drug due to less time of sotication.
  4. Low frequent shaking during sonication may lead to cone formation of the material.
  5. Bumping of lids from the volumetric flask during sonication precess.
  6. Sonicator stopped during analysis due to power/ other interruption.
  7. Overloadding of flask in a sonicator.
  8. Further dilution upto the desired volume immediateli after completion of sonication.

Sonicator’s possible errors action plans:

  1. Diluent to be added before / after sonication shall be as per the STP and as inline with the method validation.
  2. Standard shaking period shall be defined during sonication/ time shall be specified and should be practical during routine testing.
  3. Release vapour pressure during intermittant shaking by taking out the lid occassionaly.
  4. Should monitor the sonication through out the period.
  5. Should ensure the load of flask as per the standard load (standard load shall be defined) / analysis shall be done one after another, rather than at a time / dedicated sonicator shaal be used for high capacity bottles.
  6. Ensure minimum 50 minutes as stabilization period for test solution to reach to room temperature to make up the mark as required.

These are the general sonicator’s possible errors that shall be avoided during routine analysis.

sonicator's possible errors

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