2 Types of Titrimetric Methods for Water Determination

       Titrimetric methods are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry to determine water content or traces present in the sample. Based on the iodine providing principle method can be decided for analysis. 

There are 2 types of titrimetric methods for water determination 1. Volumetric Titration method and 2. Coulometric Titration Method. 

Types of Titrimetric Methods for water determination:

Volumetric Titration Method:

In the Volumetric Titration method, iodine is previously dissolved in a reagent for water determination, and water content is determined by measuring the amount of iodine consumed as a result of reaction with water.

Coulometric Titration Method:

In the Coulometric titration method, iodine is produced by electrolytes of Karl Fischer reagent containing iodine ions. Based on the quantitative reaction of the generated iodine with water, the water content in a sample specimen can be determined by measuring the quantity of electricity that is required for the production of iodine during titration.


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