Operating procedure of Osmometer in pharma

What is Definition of Osmolality?

Osmolality is defined as the number of osmoles of solute per kilogram of solvent. t is expressed in terms of osmol/kg or Osm/kg.


It is a concentration of the solution expressed as a total number of solute particles per kilogram.

Osmometer is used in the industry to check the osmolality of the product. Here is a operating procedure of osmometer.

Operating Procedure Of Osmometer:

  1. Turn on the main supply of power.
  2. Switch on the instrument by using “on/off” switch.
  3. Clean the temperature sensor with soft, dry, lint free paper or towel.
  4. Select “Measure” on instrument menu.
  5. Click on “Produce Ice” icon.
  6. Wait until the instrument shows “Ready to Measure”
  7. Click on Measure icon.
  8. Enter your User ID and password.
  9. Select a suitable option from display “Begin Batch” or “Single Sample”.
  10. Fill the 50 μl into a clean and unused measurement vessel through pipette.
  11. The sample must be pipetted without air bubbles.
  12. Do not use the used sample vials, always use fresh vials for analysis.
  13. Place the measurement vessel below the upper cooling system
  14. Now click on “Single Sample” for single sample and “Began Batch” for multiple samples.
  15. Move down the elevator down carefully, measurement will start automatically.
  16. After completion of analysis, instrument will display the result.
  17. Move the elevator up and wait until the ice convert into the liquid form, then remove the measurement vessel from instrument.
  18. Clean the temperature probe with tissue roll by gently touch the probe.
  19. When instrument is in idle mode, always keep temperature in empty vessel.

This operating procedure of osmometer will help to operate Gonotec osmometer, model OSMOMAT3000-D.

operating procedure of osmometer
Gonotec Osmometer

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