What to do when column backpressure Increases in pharma?

What To Do When column backpressure Increases in pharma

It is good to use a guard column for column long life, but sometimes it increases the backpressure also.

When back-pressure is increased, either a guard or analytical column is at fault. It is best to remove the guard column (if you are using it) and replace the old cartridge with a new one to determine the exact cause of the problem.

If you could able to restore the original pressure, the problem is get resolved.

If still problem is not solved, then you will need to disconnect the analytical column from the system, do not connect with detector and backflush it, and run a mobile phase through the column if the pressure persists.

Still the problem is not resolved, it is indication that from the previous injections strong contaminant are came from your column that retains in column strongly.

In such cases, we need to start suitable restoration procedures which are suggested by manufacturers in his manual.

It may be necessary to replace the column or change the frit if the initial pressure cannot be restored.

Ensure that your pressure is not from another source, such as an in-line column pre-filter that is blocked, kinked tubing, and particulates blocking your injector, by running your system without the guard column and the analytical column.

Here is a brief about what to do when column backpressure increases in pharmaceuticals.

Column backpressure is a general phenomenon but what to do when column backpressure increases is important.

what to do when column backpressure increases

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