What happened when you take expired medicine?

What Happened When You Take Expired Medicine?

According to the Drug and Cosmetic act 1940 and the Rule 1945, the medicines must have an expiry date. This is to know the maximum allowable self life of the medicines.

Generally, when patients are purchasing medicines sometimes they are not checking the expiry date of the medicine. Then the question is what happened when you take expired medicines.

Can Expired Medicines be Risky?

Yes, the expired medicines are risky due chemical decomposition or developement of impurities in the drug product. and other hand the drug could be less effective.

In certain expired medicines, there is high potential of bacterial growth and fail to treat the infections and leading to serious health concerns.

Once the drug is expired there is no guarantee that the drug will be safe and effective. There fore it is advisable not to use expired drug.

The expired is not just dangerous to human but also to the animals. To avoid (even if taken by mistake) the danger of expired medicines, it is necessary to do proper disposal of drug.

What Happened When You Take Expired Medicine

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