What are the 4 Types of Column Chromatography?

Before understanding the types of column chromatography, need to understand what is column chromatography?

What is Column Chromatography?

In column chromatography, the stationary phase is solid, and the mobile phase is a liquid. This method is one of the most effective for separating and purifying solid and liquid samples.

Column chromatography involves filling a column with a solid support (silica gel) and mobile phase, placing the sample component on top of the column, and then moving it away from the support under gravity.

Different components of the sample migrate through the column at different rates. The components are separated based on their different affinity for the stationary phase, hence they are fractionated.

Types Of Column Chromatography:

There are major four types of column chromatography in pharmaceuticals based on their stationary phases used and the operation mechanism.

The column chromatography types are;

  1. Adsorption chromatagraphy
  2. Ion exchange chromatography
  3. Gel chromatography
  4. Partition chromatography

let us understand all types of chromatography.

Adsorption Chromatography:

Adsorption chromatography is a separation technique on the basis of adsorption of the component. In this process, the mixture of the component is adsorbed on the surface of the adsorbent.

Ion Exchange Chromatography:

In this chromatographic process, an ion exchange resin is used in the stationary phase.

Gel Chromatography:

In this chromatography process, Gel is used to separate the materials on a column.

Partition Chromatography:

Partition chromatography is used when both phases are in the liquid state. A liquid stationary phase and a liquid mobile phase are required for partition chromatography.

These are the types of column chromatography used in pharmaceuticals.

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