Weighing of Material Possible Errors in pharma

Weighing Of Material Possible Errors:

Weighing Possible errors:

  1. Wet volumetric flask used (After weighing and transferring the material, added diluent lately)
  2. Sticking of the material at the neck/walls of the flask.
  3. Sticking of the material to the butter paper.
  4. Selection of the sample incase of stability study for e.g. for stability study the selection of the samples from one container only incase of 30’s HDPE counts.
  5. Selection of equal weights of tablets for the testing lead to inconsistent results.
  6. Glassware labelling- information may not be clear.

Action plan for possible weighing errors:

  1. After transferring of the material, the diluent must be added immediately and disperse the material in diluent.
  2. Wipe the neck of the flask with tissue paper to avoid sticking at neck.
  3. Transferring the material without touching the wall.
  4. Usage of the weighing boat for free flowing of the material.
  5. For stability study select the equal number of samples fron each conatiners.
  6. Randomely select the tablets so the results shall be consistent even in the multiple time testing carried out.
  7. Automated printed stickers to be implemented.
Weighing Of Material Possible Errors:
Weighing Of Material Possible Errors:

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