What is UPLC Principle in pharma?

UPLC Principle:

It is a technique used to separate any sample into its constituent parts via liquid chromatography.

There is no real fundamental difference in the principle of UPLC and HPLC for the separation of components in a matrix; the only difference is the particle size of the sorbent in the column, which is less than 2 μm. It takes a high pressure (6000 psi) to handle the small particles in UPLC.

What is UPLC?

UPLC stands for Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography. Because of its ability to increase sample throughput, chromatographic efficiency, sensitivity, and decrease run time, UPLC has become the modern standard for HPLC. The UPLC system can withstand pressures of up to 15,000 psi.

UPLC principle is the same as like HPLC principle.

UPLC Principle

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