What are the UPLC advantages over HPLC in pharma

UPLC Advantages Over HPLC:

Even though the working principle of UPLC and HPLC are the same but UPLC is a more advanced separation technique as compared to HPLC.

Let’s understand the what are the UPLC advantages over HPLC?

  1. Speed
  2. Resolution
  3. Specificity
  4. Time and Cost Effective


  1. Reduction in solvent consumption
  2. Increased sample throughout


  1. The enhanced sensitivity allows lower levels of analysis
  2. With smaller particle sizes and good peak separation, you can analyze samples with multiple analytes in difficult matrices


Detailed and sharp peaks – better peak separation

Time and Cost Effective:

  1. Operating at a higher pressure
  2. Not just reducing solvent consumption, but reducing storage and disposal as well
  3. A shorter run time, improved sensitivity, and selectivity of the analytes allow for a higher sample throughout
UPLC Advantages Over HPLC

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