What are the 4 types of tablets in pharma?

The term “pharmaceutical tablet” refers to both molded and pressed unit dosage forms of medications that contain one or more active medicinal ingredients.

Typically, a tablet consists of a combination of active substances and excipients that has been compressed or pressed from a powder into a solid form.

Types of Tablets in Pharma:

Multiple types of tablets in pharma are available. These tablets are divided into 4 types as per their functionality or route of administration.

  1. Tablet Ingested Orally
  2. Tablet used in the oral cavity
  3. Tablet administered by other routes
  4. Tablets used to prepare a solution

1. Tablet Ingested Orally:

There are 6 subtypes of Tablets ingested orally.

  1. Compressed Tablet
  2. Multiple compressed tablets
  3. Delayed released tablet
  4. Sugar-coated tablet
  5. Film Coated tablet
  6. Chewable tablet

2. Tablet used in the oral cavity:

  1. Buccal Tablet
  2. Sublingual tablet
  3. Troches or Logenzes
  4. Dental cone

3. Tablet administered by other routes:

  1. Implantation tablet
  2. Vaginal Tablet

4. Tablet used to prepare a solution:

  1. Effervescent tablet
  2. Dispensing tablet
  3. Hypodermic tablet
  4. Tablet triturates


Types of tablets in pharma

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