These are The 4 types of Stability Chambers

types of Stability Chambers:

The stability chambers are designed to conduct a stability study on the drug product. The study can define the shelf life of drug products.

There are 4 types of stability chambers broadly used according to their applications.

  1. Environmental chambers
  2. Photostability chambers
  3. Accelerated chambers
  4. Temperature-humidity chambers

The stability chambers are available mainly in 2 sizes, according to convenience those can be used.

  1. Reach-in-chambers
  2. Walk-in-chambers


These chambers are small in size and convenient to use when less number of samples are to be stored and conditions are likely to be changed.


These chambers are large in size and suitable for the large number of samples to be stored and conditions are to be maintained for a longer period of time.

As per ICH, separate stability chambers are to be maintained for each storage condition.

types of Stability Chambers
Types of Stability Chambers

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