Operation procedure for Ice Maker | SOP for Ice Maker in pharma

SOP For Operation procedure for Ice Maker:

Objective: To lay down the procedure for the operation of ice maker.

Scope: This standard operating procedure covers the operation procedure for ice maker.


             Analyst: For Operation of Icemaker.

             Team Leader: Implementation of SOP

            QC Head: Compliance of SOP

Operating Procedure for Ice Maker:


  1. Do not store anything in the ice storage bin, keep the ice bin always clean.
  2. After usage keeps the door closed of ice been.
  3. Never stop water supply when ice maker is in operating condition.

Procedure for cleaning:

    1. Ensure that the power supply to the equipment is switched off and the water line is closed before cleaning.
    2. Make the bin empty and wipe with a lint-free cloth.

Operating Procedure:

  1. Verify the water supply to the equipment and switch on the main power.
  2. The equipment shall start after 3 minutes delay by blinking the red color LED at TOO HI COND.
  3. The first piece of ice flake shall drop into a storage bin within 3 minutes.
  4. When the ice bin is full, the BIN FULL icon shall glow and ice formation shall be stopped automatically.
  5. If the equipment is found to be malfunctioning or breakdown during routine operation, get the equipment serviced by relevant external agencies or service providers.
Operation procedure for Ice Maker
Icematic ice maker


This is the operation procedure for ice maker in pharmaceuticals.

Some commercially available ice makers are, Vremi ice maker, Kuppet ice maker


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