Operation of diaphragm pressure gauge-electronic

Operation Of Diaphragm Pressure Gauge:

  1. Press the “Select” button to switch ON/OFF the inner pressure test gauge.
  2. Ensure the display of inner pressure gauge shows 0.0 PSI.
  3. Place the filed canister stem in to the inner pressure testing gauge adapter, then push the canister and ensure that there is no leakage.
  4. Press it continuously for 2 sec and check the maximum achieved reading on the inner pressure testing gauge.
  5. Tp reset the pressure gauge press the “Select” button and then immediately press “Enter”.
  6. To change the measuring unit press “Select” button three times immediately then press “Enter” when screen display “MONO” option.
  7. “Peak” option will display. Press “Enter” to on or Off the “Peak” to change the measuring unit.
  8. now press the “Select” key four times immediately it will move to the desired measuring unit.
  9. Select the desired measuring unit by pressing “Select” followed by “Enter”.
  10. To switch off the instrument press the “Select” button twice and then press “Enter” when screen display “OFF”.

This is the operation of diaphragm pressure gauge for the Make COMES and model: MMD-30E.

Operation of Diaphragm Pressure Gauge

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