What is The Molecular Formula of Potassium Hydroxide? 

What is the Molecular Formula of Potassium Hydroxide?

The molecular/chemical formula for potassium hydroxide is KOH.

What is the molecular weight of Potassium Hydroxide?

The molecular weight of sodium hydroxide is 56.105 g/mol,


The molecular weight of Potassium (K) = 39.098

The molecular weight of Oxygen (O) = 15.999

The molecular weight of Hydrogen (H) = 1.008

K + O + H = 39.098 + 15.999 + 1.008 = 56.105 g/mol.

Potassium Hydroxide Molecular FormulaKOH
Potassium Hydroxide Molecular weight56.105
CAS Number1310-58-3
Density2.12 g/cm3
Melting Point360° C (680°F)
Boiling Point1327° C (2421°F)
Refractive Index1.409
Properties of Potassium Hydroxide

Potassium Hydroxide is well known as caustic potash. Potassium hydroxide is a white solid, and odorless.

Molecular Formula of Potassium Hydroxide
Molecular Formula of Potassium Hydroxide

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