List of test for PVC/PVDC film-packing material in pharma

List Of Test For PVC/PVDC Film-Packing Material

What are the test need to perform for PVC/PVDC film for packing material in pharmaceutical.

Here is the list of PVC/PVDC film test list.

  1. Description
  2. Color
  3. Identification for PVDC
  4. Film Width
  5. Total grammage
  6. Total thickness
  7. Thickness of PVC film
  8. Grammage of PVC-PVDC
  9. Identification by IR
  10. Physicochemical tests
  11. Roll Diameter
  12. Roll Winding
  13. Shade
  14. Winding
  15. General / Other Tests
  16. AQL Defects

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