Procedure for How to Develop Iodine chamber for TLC in pharma

Development of iodine chamber is a technique for getting a good results for Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC). Lets understand how to develop iodine chamber for TLC.

How to develop iodine chamber for tLC in pharma

A chamber assembled and develop as follows:

  1. Take a wide mouth jar with lid.
  2. Add few crystals of iodine into the chamber and cover it with lid.
  3. Keep the chamber for iodine vapor saturation.
  4. Insert the TLC plate into the chamber.
  5. Allow the plate to remain within the chamber until brown color develops on entire TLC plate.
  6. Carefully remove the TLC plate from the iodine chamber.
  7. Immediately transfer the developed TLC plate into TLC visualizer for identification of spots. (Iodine will not remain on the TLC plate for longer period of time)
How To Develop Iodine Chamber For TLC
TLC Plate

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