Friability test: Top 18 Friability test Interview Question and Answer

Friability Test Interview question and answer:

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In In-process quality assurance (IPQA) checks, the friability test is one of the test parameters to check the physical strength of the tablet. In other words, can say to test the durability of the tablet.

While transporting the drug product suffers from multiple shocks such as mechanical shocks or mechanical actions.

Some of the Friability test interview questions and answers are captured to get a brief idea for an interview.

Interview question and answer on friability
Friability test Interview question and answer

1. What is definition of friability or what is friability?

Ans: Friability is defined as, the percentage of weight loss of powder from the surface of the tablet due to mechanical actions or mechanical shock.

2. What is USP general chapter number for friability?

Ans: USP general chapter number <1216> represents to the friability test.

3. Why friability test is performed?

Ans: Friability test is performed to check the % of weight loss due to mechanical shock while transportation OR

To check the durability of the tablets and mass lost of tablet powder through chipping.

4. How many tablets are used for friability test?

Ans: The tablets with unit mass (1 tablet weight) equal or less than 650 mg, take sample of whole tablets corresponding to 6.5 gm and for the tablets with unit mass is more than 650mg, take a sample weight of 10 tablets.

5. What is the friability test limit?

Ans: Refer answer of question no. 4

6. What types of tablets are used for friability Testing?

Ans: Uncoated tablets and compressed tablet are used for friability test analysis.

Sometime, for hygroscopic tablets need to maintain the suitable controlled environment to perform test.

7. Does coated tablets are used for friability test analysis?

Ans: No, due to coating, coated tablets are not used for friability test analysis.

8. What is calculation formula for friability test?

Ans: Weight loss for friability test can be calculated by following formula;

W1- W2

% weight loss = ——————-x100


Where, W1 is initial weight

W2 is final weight

Friability calculation formula
Friability test calculation formula

9. What is acceptance criteria for friability test as per USP?

Ans: As per USP, weight loss due to mechanical action or mechanical shock should be not more than 1.0%

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Friability test interview question and answer are generally not asked by the interviewer but for the knowledge purpose it is recommended to understand the friability test.

Friability Test Interview Question And Answer in pharmaceutical:

10. What is pass and fail criteria for durability test?

Ans: Generally test is run once. If obviously cracked or broken tablets are present in the tablet sample after tumbling, the sample fails the test. If the results are difficult to interpret (or doubtful) or if the weight loss is greater than the targeted value, the test same should be repeated twice and the mean of the three tests determined.

The maximum mean weight loss from the three samples is not more than 1% is considered as acceptance for most of the product.

11. What is tumbling effect in friability test?

Ans: If the tablet size or shape causes irregular tumbling, adjust the drum base so that the base forms an angle of about 10° with the horizontal and the tablet no longer bind together when lying next to each other, which prevents them from falling freely.

12. Why friability test is important?

Ans: To determine the physical strength of the tablet and to understand the weight loss due to mechanical action or shock of tablet, the friability test is important.

13. What is friability test procedure?

Ans: 1. Set the speed and time for the test.

2. Take a weight of 10 tablets or equivalent to 6.5 gm.

3. Insert weighed tablets into the friabilitator and start the instrument.

4. After completion of 4 min remove tablets from friabilitator and desist them.

5. Take a weight final weight after dedusting of tablets.

6. Calculate the weight loss for the tablets.

Calculation formula for tablets

% weight loss = W1- W2 / W1 x 100

14. What is standard number of rotation for friability test analysis?

Ans: 100 rotation per minutes is standard number of rotation for friability test.

15. What is fall height of tablet in friabilitator?

Ans: 6 inches is fall height of tablet in friabilitator.

16. What are the calibration parameter of friability test?

Ans: There are two types of parameters for calibration,

i) Calibration of Rotation ii) Calibration of timer

17. What is acceptance criteria for calibration parameter in friability test?

Ans: For rotation acceptance criteria is 100 RPM +/- 2 RPM.

And for timer 10 minutes +/- 10 second’s.

18. What is specification of friability apparatus?

Ans: 1) Drum Description:

Transparent synthetic polymer

2) Drum Dimension:

Diameter is 283 – 291 mm

Depth is 36-40 mm

Inner Radius is 75.5 – 85.5 mm

3) Drum height: 156 +/- 2 mm OR 6 inches

4) Drum rotation: 25+/- 1 RPM

Friability apparatus specification
Friability apparatus specification


For effervescent and chewable tablets there may be a different criteria, as well as for hygroscopic tablets humidity controlled environment is required to perform the friability test.

The friabilitator is available in single, double or triple scopping projection.

The double or triple scooping projection helps to rum multiple samples in one time of analysis.

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