Best 24 Definition of Pharmaceutical Terms and dosage forms

In pharmaceutical industry multiple terminology are being used.Here we will understand definition of pharmaceutical terms and dosage forms.

Pharmaceutical industry is a manufacturer of multiple dosage forms like Solid oral, Liquid oral, Nasal spray, Eyedrop, Respules and various other forms.

Definition of pharmaceutical terms and dosage forms:

  1. Definition of Quality Assurance
  2. Definition of Quality Control
  3. Definition of Qualification
  4. Definition of Validation
  5. Definition of Calibration
  6. Definition of Standardization
  7. Definition of Standard operating procedure
  8. Definition of Quality management system
  9. Definition of Tablet
  10. Definition of Capsule
  11. Definition of Oral Liquid
  12. Definition of Nasal Spray
  13. Definition of Eye drop
  14. Definition of Oral Drops
  15. Definition of Respules
  16. Definition of Oral suspension
  17. Definition of Oral Emulsion
  18. Definition of Elixir
  19. Definition of Linctus
  20. Definition of Oral solution
  21. Definition of Mixtures
  22. Definition of Creams
  23. Definition of Dermatology
  24. Definition of Instrument
  25. Definition of Equipments

This is a list of some of the basic terminology used in pharmaceutical industry. Let’s understand one by one.

1.Definition of Quality Assurance

The sum total of organized agreement made with the objective of ensuring that all materials are of the quality required for their intended use and that quality system are maintained.

It monitors the dispatch of the finished product, production, vendor visits, process validations, regulatory audits.

2. Definition of Quality Control

Quality control is a part of quality management systems that focus on checking, testing of the drug product received from production.

It monitors the different section Raw Material, Finished Product, Stability study, Packing Material and Microbiology study.

3. Definition of Qualification

Qualification is a process or action of providing that equipment, instrument or related ancillary systems are properly installed, work correctly and lead to a expected results. Qualification is a part of validation.

4. Definition of validation

Validation is a process of collection and evaluation of data to established a scientific documentory evidence that assure a consistent delivery of quality products.

5. Definition of calibration

Calibration is a process of configuring an instrument to provide a results of sample within expected acceptable range.

6. Definition of standardization

Standardization is a comparison process to make something confirm against the specified standard.


It is a process of complying (or evaluate by complying) with a standard.


It is a process of establishing a standard.

7. Definition of standard operating procedure

Standard operating procedure is a step by step guidance or set of instructions by organization for employee and/or workers to perform regular day to day activities.

8. Definition of Quality Management System

Quality management system is a system that document, processes, procedures and responsibilities for achieving a quality policies and objectives.

9. Definition of Tablet

Tablets are solid dosage form containing a unit dose of one or more medicament.

They are intended for oral administration, some are swallowed, some are after being chewed, some are dissolved or dispersed in water before administered and some are retained in the mouth where the active ingredients liberated.

10. Definition of capsules

Capsules are solid dosage forms in which the drug or a mixture of drug is enclosed in hard gelatin capsule shell, in soft soluble shell of gelatin, or in hard or soft shells of any other suitable material of various shapes and capabilities.


11. Definition of oral liquid

These are homogeneous liquid preparations which usually either consists of a solution, an emulsion, or a suspension containing one or more medicaments in a suitable form.

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In pharmaceutical industry the drug is manufactured in single drug content as well as multi drug contents. It is good know the differences between all the dosage forms. Here some of the definition of pharmaceutical terms and dosage forms are given.

12. Definition of Nasal spray

Nasal spray formulated as an aqueous suspension or solution in drug presented in multi dose container and fitted with dose-matering valve.

Nasal spray: definition of pharmaceutical terms and dosage forms
Nasal spray

13. Definition of eye drop

Eye preparation is a sterile liquid, semi-solid or solid preparations intended for administration upon the eyeball and/or to the conjunctiva or for insertion in the conjunctival sac.

14. Definition of oral drops

Oral drops are oral liquids that are intended to be administered in small volumes with the aid of a suitable measuring device.

15. Definition of respules

Respules are a small container that contains drug liquid. It is a form, fill and seal type of dosage container.

16. Definition of oral suspension

Oral suspension are oral liquids containing one or more active ingredients suspended in a suitable vehicle. Suspended solid may slowly separate on standing but are easily re-dispersible.

17. Definition of oral emulsion

Oral emulsions are a oral liquids containing one or more medicaments. They are stabilized oil-in-water dispersion.


It is a mixture of two immiscible liquid with one or more active ingredient.

When issued for use, oral emulsion should be supplied in wide mouthed bottles.

18. Definition of elixir

Elixirs are clear, flavoured oral liquids containing one or more active ingredients dissolve in vehicle that contains a high proportion of sucrose s suitable polyhydric alcohol or alcohols and may also contains ethanol (96%) or dilute ethanol.

19. definition of linctus

Linctus are viscus oral liquids that may contains one or more active ingredient in solution. The vehicle usually contains a high proportion of sucrose, other sugars or a suitable polyhydric alcohol or alcohols.

Linctus are intended for use in the treatment or relief of cough, and are sipped ans swallowed slowly without the addition of water.

20. Definition of oral solution

These are the liquid containing one or more active ingredient dissolves in a suitable vehicle. Or it is a medicine in liquid forms for drinking.

21.definition of mixture

Mixtures is a aqueous liquid preparation which contains suspended, insoluble, solid substances that are intended for internal use.

22. Definition of creams

Creams are homogeneous semi solid or viscus preparation intended for external application to the skin or certain mucous membranes for protective, therapeutic or prophylactic purposes especially where ban occlusive effect is not necessary.

They are formulated using hydrophilic or hydrophobic bases to provide preparations that are essentially miscible with the skin secretion.

23. Definition of instrument

An instrument is a device or devices used to carry out the measurement.

24. Definition of equipment

An equipment is a descrete non consumable item either operating stand alone or combining several instruments or pieces of equipment. An instrument also piece of equipment.

All instruments are equipment but not all equipment are instrument.

These are the definition of pharmaceutical terms and dosage forms that are generally used but are not limited too. Pharmaceutical industry is very huge industry where number of terminologies are being used.

Here I tried to define some of the definition of pharmaceutical terms and dosage forms.

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