The Concentration Of Solution-Volume And Weight Basis in pharma

Concentration Of Solution-Volume And Weight Basis

There are two types of solution concentration. Concentration on volume basis and concentration of weight basis.

What is concentration?

A solution is a homogeneous mixture of two or more pure substances.

In a solution, the component present in lesser quantity usually termed as a solute and the component present in a larger quantity termed as a solvent.

What is concentration of solution?

It is defined as the amount of solute present in the given quantity of solution.

There are two ways of expressing the concentration of solution.

  1. Concentration on Volume basis
  2. Concentration on Weight basis

let’s understand the concentration of solution volume and weight basis.

What is Concentration on Volume basis?

The weight of dissolved substance per definite volume of solution (Not solvent) in a litre (L) or milliliter (mL) gives the concentration on volume basis.

It can be expressed in the terms of Formality, Molarity and Normality.

It is expressed in term of unit is v/v solution.

What is Concentration on weight basis?

When the amount of solute and solvents are expressed in kg or gm then the concentration is said as weight by weight concentration.

It can be expressed in the terms of Molality and Mole Fraction.

It is expressed in the term of unit is w/w solution.

Most pharma chemists having doubts about the concentration of the solution. I hope this answer will help them to understand what is the concentration of solution-volume and weight basis.

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