What are the 5 components of HPLC in pharma?

What are the components of HPLC?

As HPLC chromatography is a widely used technique for the separation of components from the mixtures but to separate those components from the mixture of HPLC components has a major role.

There are major 5 components of HPLC as follows:

  1. Solvent reservoir
  2. Pump system
  3. Injection port
  4. HPLC Column
  5. HPLC Detector

1. Solvent Reservoir:

The solvent reservoir holds a solvent that is used to carry the sample solution through a column called as mobile phase.

2. Pump System:

A pump system is used to push the mobile phase at a given flow rate.

3. Injection Port:

The injection port is used to introduce a sample solution into the column.

4. HPLC Column:

The column is a key component in the HPLC. The column is a tube that contains a stationary phase, where the reaction takes place.

4. HPLC Detector:

A detector is a component where eluted components can be detected in the form of chromatograms.

Components of HPLC

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