Classification of dissolution apparatus in pharma

Classification Of Dissolution Apparatus

As per USP General chapter No. <711> there are seven types of dissolution apparatus in the pharmaceutical industry.

Here is a list seven types of dissolution. (Classification of dissolution apparatus)

  1. Apparatus 1 (Basket Apparatus)
  2. Apparatus 2 (Paddle Apparatus)
  3. Apparatus 3 (Reciprocating Cylinder), This apparatus is not accepted by the Japanese pharmacopeia
  4. Apparatus 4 (Flow-Through cell)
  5. Apparatus 5 ( Paddle Over Disc)
  6. Apparatus 6 ( Rotating Cylinder)
  7. Apparatus 7 (Reciprocating Holder)

These are the 7 types of dissolution are used for pharmaceutical analytical processes.

As per Indian Pharmacopoeia (IP) Apparatus 1 is paddle and apparatus 2 is Basket.

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