Cipla Goa 483 Observations by USFDA

Cipla Goa 483 Observations:

Here are the Cipla Goa 483 observations by USFDA. The audit was conducted in August month from 16-08-2022 to 26-08-2022. The audit was conducted by 3 auditors. The facility got 6 observations.

Facility Audited: Cipla Ltd, Goa

Address: Verna Industrial Estate, Salcette, Margoa, Goa

The auditors were:

  • Justin A Boyd, Investigator
  • Teresa I Navas, Investigator-Dedicated Drug Cadre and
  • Jonah S Ufferfilge, Investigator

Refer to the FDA Link for 483 observations:

Cipla Ltd Goa 483 USFDA Observation

Cipla Goa 483 Observations
Cipla Ltd

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