Calibration of Rotary shaker in pharma

Calibration Of Rotary Shaker

There are two parameter for calibration of rotary shaker: 1. Timer calibration and 2. Verification of RPM

Timer Calibration:

  • Set the timer for 10 mins.
  • Press start/stop key to run test, simultaneously start the calibrated stop watch.
  • Elapsed time displays at the equipment.
  • Stop the stop watch whenever equipment timer reaches to 0 min: 0 Sec.
  • Repeat the procedure for 15 and 20 minutes.
  • Record the observation from the calibrated stop watch in the calibration record.

Calibration Of Rotary Shaker

Observed Time shall be +/- 10 seconds.

Verification of RPM:

  • Load the 250 ml of volumetric flask with 100 ml of water into the Rotary shaker.
  • Place the radium sticker at edge/ middle of the rotary shaker base flat form.
  • Set the 50 RPM and run the system and perform the verification with calibrated tachometer and repeat the process for 200 RPM and recoed the observation.

Acceptance criteria for Verification of RPM:

The difference between observed RPM on equipment and measured RPM on tachometer shall be +/- 5 RPM.

Calibration Frequency of rotary shaker:

Once in six month and as suggested by the service engineer after maintenance job.

Calibration Of Rotary Shaker
Rotary Shaker

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