Analytical balance possible errors in pharma

Analytical Balance Possible Errors:

What are the analytical balance possible errors and what is the action plan to avoid such errors we will learn in this article.

Let’s understand first possible errors and later action plans.

Possible errors:

  1. Balance for analytical use must be closed, an open balance may cause inaccurate weighing.
  2. Hygroscopic material gains moisture when it comes in contact with air.
  3. Balance placed in improper surface. Balance may lead to inaccurate weighing.
  4. Vibrating surface can also cause inaccurate weighing.
  5. Balance used above an below the weighing range mentioned on the balance; weighing may inaccurate.
  6. Dust/Powder under the pan of balance (Not cleaned properly).

Action Plan:

  1. While weighing of sample balance door to be close (awareness). Auto door closure for all balance.
  2. Silica gel shall be placed inside the balance and shall ensure for any color change/needs to be replace as and when required.
  3. Spirit level should be checked before weighing part of operation SOP.
  4. Balance should not be kept under vibrating surface and always in antivibrator table (Rotary Shaker, Centrifuge, Sieve shaker, tapped density apparatus, Sonicator)
  5. Weighing range must be defined for all the balance (Awareness). Use the balance which is calibrated on that day.
  6. Balance to be cleaned before and after weighing.

These are the analytical balance possible errors and their action plans to avoid it.

analytical balance possible errors
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