What are the 7 QC tools used for process improvement?

7 QC tools are used to identify the and fix the problem with respect to product quality. It is systematic and scientific problem solving approach.

These 7 QC tools are easy to understand and it is a very good method to gather the information for product quality defects and for improvements way forward. It is a graphical presentation of the data. Let’s understand the 7 QC Tools Used For Process Improvement.

7 QC Tools Used For Process Improvement in pharma

This is list of 7 qc tools which are used to improve the product quality and removal of defects.

  1. Cause and Effect Diagram (Fishbone or Ishikawa Diagram)
  2. Pareto Diagram
  3. Scattered Diagram
  4. Control Chart/Graph
  5. Check Sheet
  6. Histogram
  7. Stratification

Lets understand purposes or the basic meaning of 7 QC tools used for process improvement

  1. Cause and Effect Diagram: This tool is used to Identify the relationship between cause and effect.
  2. Pareto Diagram: This tool is used to identify the current status and issues.
  3. Scattered Diagram: This tool is used to identify the relation between two things.
  4. Control Chart/Graph: This tool is used to find out the abnormalities and to identify the current status. or to find out the process variation over a time period.
  5. Check Sheet: This tool is used to record data collection.
  6. Histogram: It is useful to see the distribution of the data.
  7. Stratification: It is used to understand the basic processing perform when collecting data. It is a sequence of operations.

Cause and Effect is very popular method to find out the root cause. In Cause and Effect method we use 6M concept for proper investigation and to rule out the cause.

7 QC tools are help to examine product process, quality process, control, problem solving and helps to avoid future problems.

What is 6M Concept in Cause and Effect tool?

6M Concept is generally used to find out the cause of problem by doing detailed investigation. 6M is acronyms but Man, Machine, Material, Method, Measurement and Mother nature (Environment).

6M is detailed investigation on the basis of these possible reasons.

Hope you understand the basic concept of 7 QC Tools Used For Process Improvement In Pharmaceutical industry.

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